Do All Virginia Bats Carry Rabies? What If One Bites Me?

While Newport News bats are potential carrier of rabies, you will be surprised to know that most of them do not have rabies. According to the report, among the bats that showed signs of the rabies virus, only 6% of them were discovered to carry rabies. Due to the fact that the rabies mimic the symptoms of other bat diseases, it would be difficult to identify an infected bat simply by looking at them. The presence of rabies can be determined through a series of lab testing.

Common Myths about the Rabies and Bats

In this article, we will shed a light to the common misconception about rabies and Virginia bats. Hopefully, this will clear out the wrong information that you have about bats. Let us start enumerating those myths and the truth behind them.

All Newport News Bats Have Rabies

While all mammals have the capacity to contract rabies, Virginia bats are not considered asymptomatic carrier of rabies. In fact, the possibility that they may carry rabies is far lesser compared to other types of animals. Only 0.005% of the bats population may carry rabies. Your pets such as the dogs and cats, and your livestock have a higher probability of carrying the disease.

Hundreds of People Will Die Due to bats Rabies Annually

Fortunately, this is not true. In US alone, the bat rabies accounted for 1 or 2 deaths annually. Based on the statistics, the residents in the US have a higher probability to contract the plague or leprosy than to be infected with bat rabies. According to the report, at least 30,000 people die from rabies every year, and 99% of them were caused by rabid dogs. With the relentless vaccination program in the US, the rabies in dogs and cats has been controlled successfully.

You Won't Feel a Thing When a Bat Bites You

The bite of the bats will resemble the poke of the fine needle. As per the reports of the USCDC, most of the Virginia people that have been bitten by the bats are aware of it. Nonetheless, due to the small teeth of the bats, their bites can be insignificant and you won't easily notice it. The teeth mark that they will leave on our skin cannot be seen easily. You should not hesitate to consult a medical professional even in the absence of the wound or injury. 

You Only Need To Be Near the Bat to Catch the Rabies Virus

The rabies can be found in the saliva of the Newport News bats and can only be transmitted through scratch and bites. The infection can occur when your mucous membrane or open wound came into contact with the saliva of an infected bat. The latest report shows that occurrence of bat rabies has occurred from the improper handling of the bats. USCDC said that it would be impossible to capture rabies simply by seeing bats. Their urine, blood, and feces also do not have the virus. 

With the use of common sense and getting the right information about the rabies, the transmission of the virus can be prevented. Although 95% of the sick bats will not be rabid, you should still avoid handling them carelessly.

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