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Welcome to Pest Animal Removal Newport News! We are a wildlife removal company servicing Newport News, VA. You want to do all you can to protect your family, and a wild animal on your property poses a serious risk. It doesn't matter whether that animal is something you may consider to be quite common, such as rats or squirrels. They can be the carriers of diseases, which put your family at risk. You need professional wildlife removal, especially if one or more of these animals has gotten into your home or business. This poses a danger to you, your family, your staff, and your pets. You need professional service that knows how to remove these animals quickly and effectively and that is what we have done for over a decade now. Our team of professionals uses state-of-the-art techniques to get these animals out. There are no poisons or chemicals that are used. These can be quite ineffective and are actually dangerous to you and your family. Instead, we use humane techniques that safely and effectively get the animals out, then we provide the repairs to ensure they don't get back in. We are a full-service business that handles all your needs in regards to wildlife removal. Call us today for a free estimate. Call us now at 757-637-6237 for your Newport News wildlife control needs.

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Newport News Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: Virginia Squirrels' Nests and All You Need to Know About Them!

The squirrel's nest which is also referred to as dreys may appear to be clumps of dried Newport News leaves that are created unsystematically. However, in reality the construction of the nest is fairly complex. It involves multiple layers that are crafted from various materials. Before they create their nest, the squirrels will also look for a place that is advantageous. It should come with an inherent support such as the junctures of branches or the tangles of the vines.

How do The Squirrels Create Their Nest

The leaf nest can commonly be seen in various parts of the US. Different types of Virginia squirrels will build a variety of nest. For instance, they may create a nest inside the tree cavity and others will build the standard leaf nest. When building their nest, they have to follow an intricate procedure to guarantee that it will be safe from weather elements and attack from the predators.

Choosing the Location

The squirrels that will build their nest in the tree cavity will use lesser amount of energy. The tree cavities will also provide them with a better protection against weather element. The leaf nest on the other hand will be found in the wooded areas. When they are building their nest, it should at least be 20ft. above the ground. They will also build ground holes where they can run in case of emergency.

Appearance of the Newport News Nest

The construction of the nest will start by weaving twigs. This will create the first layer of the Virginia nest. This will then be lined with leaves, grasses and tree barks. It will create a solid foundation of the nest. The combination of vines and twigs will make the base of the nest. The exterior part of the nest will be a combination of various materials that will make it look messy. The inner cavity of the nest has a diameter of around 6-8 inches. It is highly important to create a soft area in the nest that will provide comfort to the fragile body of the infant squirrels. 

When Do They Build Nest?

The building of the nest will start during the month of June-July. During this time the Virginia squirrels that are born in the spring season will practice building the nest. This nest will normally appear weak and it will not be able to last for a long time. The pregnant squirrels will be busy in remodeling their nest. Adult squirrel can also build nest during the warm months. These nests are only temporary. Fall would be the most active time for the squirrels that are weaving the nest. These nests are erected in preparation for the winter season.

The nest of the squirrel will not only be the house of the Newport News baby squirrel. There will also be an array of insects that will found here such as ticks, fleas, centipedes, mites, and insects. When cleaning the nesting materials that are found in your house, you need to wear protective gears. This will help you stay away from the insects and health hazards found in the nest.