See the TOP 4 Ways to Keep All Newport News Raccoons Away From Your Birdfeeder!

Raccoon can be an annoying wildlife creature; their level of destruction will reach its peak during the Newport News spring months. They will wreck our garbage and attack our bird feeders. The reason behind the sudden increase in activity is due to the fact that the female raccoon is nursing her young ones. They will need to consume more food in order to produce more milk. One excellent source for free food would be our bird feeder.

Effective Ways to Drive the Raccoon Away from the Birdfeeder

The mother raccoon that is looking for nourishments to give to her Virginia babies may not sound so horrible. However, once they started terrorizing your bird feeder, things will seem to be a bit inconvenient. Their action may lead to a sizeable amount of waste on birdseed. During the entire process, it is highly likely that your feeder will sustain damages. You are perhaps looking for an excellent solution that will limit the access of the raccoon to your birdfeeders but at the same time will allow you to continue feeding the birds.

1. Bring the Newport News Birdfeeders inside at Night

Raccoons are classified as nocturnal creatures which imply that their activities will mostly be concentrated during nighttimes. They tend to minimize their movement during daytime and they try to stay away from any human presence. You may leave the birdfeeders outside at daytime but be sure to take them inside at night. This will greatly reduce the possibility that the raccoon will attack your birdfeeder.

2. Lock it

There are various tools sold in the market that enables you to keep the Virginia birdfeeders secured and prevent the raccoon from detaching the birdfeeder. You may purchase a clip that aims to cover the hook to stop the coon from lifting off the hook. There are also utility chains that you can simply hang on the limbs of the tree. If possible, you should also choose feeders that can be bolted or screwed to a structure or tree. Keeping the birdfeeder secured will foil the plan of the raccoon to steal the birdseeds from the damaged birdfeeder.

3. Limit the Food in Your Birdfeeders

You should try to gauge the amount of birdseed that the birds can eat in the day. You should only give the sufficient amount of seeds during the day. When the night comes, the raccoon will discover that your feeder is empty. Generally, the raccoon will never vandalize an empty birdfeeder. 

4. Raccoon Baffle

Perhaps the most valuable tool that you can use to stop the Virginia raccoon from attacking your birdfeeder is to introduce raccoon baffle. Do not expect that the squirrel baffle will do the trick since their size is not sufficient. The size of the raccoon baffle would be enough to prevent the raccoon from climbing the pole to get to your birdfeeder.  

Having a nuisance forager in your Newport News property can be a frustrating experience. Hopefully, by following some of the tips aforementioned, you will be able to discourage the raccoon from ravaging the feeders.

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