The Top Dangers Newport News Opossum Feces Can Bring! Learn the Health Hazards!

The infestation of the Newport News opossum will usually be determined from the presence of their droppings. Their droppings will have a diameter of ¾ inch and both edges of the feces are tapered. It has an average length of 1-2 inches and it may have a yellowish or white shade. There are also instances that it will have a brownish color. It has a curved appearance which is the result of the way the opossum excrete their waste.

The Risks Associated with the Droppings of the Opossum

As much as you want to identify the Virginia creature that is infesting your property by observing their dropping, you should not do it without wearing protective gears. Like most of the wild animals, opossums' feces will contain pathogens and bacteria that can cause diseases.


Perhaps one of the most alarming diseases that you can acquire from the feces of the possum would be Leptospirosis. This disease is caused by the bacteria known as Leptospira interrogans. This is characterized by the spiral form which is commonly referred as spirochete. This will not only be lethal to humans but also to your pets and livestock. Similar with the rodents, the opossum may contaminate our water source with their droppings and urine. Most of the time, the pets will be infected with the disease but reports shows that humans are also at risks of contracting the disease. Once infected with the disease, you will experience vomiting, nausea, chills, muscle pain, and stiff neck. In case this is not properly treated, your condition may become serious that will lead to kidney failure.

Newport News Parasites

The droppings of the Virginia opossum may contain parasites that can be transferred to our pets. Our pets that are more mature have already fortified their immune system to stay away from the dangers of these parasites. However, if you have a younger dog or cat, you need to keep them safe. Make sure that they will not be in a direct contact with the droppings of the opossum.

Salmonella and E Coli

Another health hazard associated with their Virginia droppings would be Salmonellosis and E Coli. Traces of these are found in their droppings. If we accidentally ingested their droppings through a contaminated food or water, this will cause severe stomach pain. If the opossums are living in the high areas of our home, the spores of their droppings can easily find its way to our water and food source. 

Taking care of your Newport News opossum infestation is critical to stay safe from the health hazards that they bring. This is a job that should be left in the hand of the professionals. With the possible damages that you can incur as well as the diseases that you can contract, it is best to find a solution to this infestation immediately. After eliminating the possum in your property, you need to find ways on how you can create a possum-proof home. This will help you avoid dealing with the same infestation in the future and keep your house a safe place to live in.

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