Got a Trap-Shy Mouse in Your Virginia House? Learn What You Might Be Doing Wrong

The traps are designed to capture the mice, but not a lot of Newport News mice will become the victim of the trap. There are those who will be wary of the traps and will refuse to interact with them. In case you have this type of house mouse, looking for a solution for their infestation will be a challenge. Fortunately, there are ways on how you can boost the efficacy of your trap.

Why Your Traps Are Not Working Against the House Mouse

There are certain mistakes that will greatly reduce the effectiveness of your Virginia mouse trap. In this article, we will discuss some of the common pitfalls. Be sure to stay away from them to get rid of your infestation successfully.

Using the Improper Newport News Bait

Using the right bait is highly important when dealing with the house mouse. Failure to do this might be the reason why you are not capturing the culprit of the infestation. The best bait that you can use will depend upon the availability and the situation. Some of the bait that you can use to lure the mice would be foods that have strong greasy scent such as pet food and peanut butter. Marshmallows and gum drops that emit sweet scent will also be hard to resist. 

The Wrong Placement of the Bait

Most Virginia people who lack the experience in using traps will place them in the wrong location. This will have an adverse impact on the probability of trapping the house mouse. Some of the experts will recommend you to place the bait on the secluded areas, garage, crawl spaces, void of the walls, ceiling, and basement. These are just some places with minimal level of human activities. You will normally find the mice here. In case you usually notice signs of active infestation but you are not capturing any mice, then try changing the placement of your trap.

Wrong Traps

There are loads of mouse traps that you can buy in the Virginia market. However, not every trap will be effective. Depending on the use and their design, there are traps that will be more effective than the others. In case you do not have luck in capturing the house mouse, then you need to choose another type of trap. We encourage the use of live traps since it will enable you to capture them without causing them any harm. Avoid using glue traps since there is a possibility that you might capture other animals that can lead to another problem.

Finally, there is also the possibility that you have a different pest in your Newport News house. If you have followed all our tips and you are still not successful, you are probably targeting the wrong nuisance creature. You may hire the help of the expert wildlife removal company to determine the right creature that is infesting your house. They will have the skills and knowledge to successfully determine the type of infestation and find the right solution to prevent similar incidence in the future.

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